The World of Cartoon Finds the Elixir of Life?

Do you ever think that the Simpsons are actually a real family? Do you find any similarity between Scars from Lion King?  Well, there may be a possibility because the creators of these cartoons either use any imaginative inspiration or make an impression of any fairly related individual. Are animated figures mirror representation of the world one resides in? Undoubtedly all the amazing characters and figurines which we visualize with the graphics on screen is the result of the people surrounding our reality. Therefore we list some of the real life inspiration which has given some of the best characters onscreen.

  1. Nicki Minaj and Mrs. Potato Head

Nicki Minaj might have upgraded her style profile, in the recent years, but there was a time when she was pink on purple eye shadows, extremely shocking pink lipsticks and protruding eyelashes. Well, if this does not make one imagine of Mrs. Potato Head, then what will. The only true way to really realize how uncanny the similarity is is to zoom in on the picture of Nicki Minaj and absolutely inspecting every little detail that is there to notice, and viola! One will be surprised to a certain degree.


18 Couple who still makes us believe in love!

The breakup of the most famous high profile couple just left the whole world stunned. The fact that Brangelina is no more together is a nightmare and people already declared it as the end of an era. But well there are several other couples who are still very much basking the glory of love and enjoying a blissful life along with their partners. If we look at some less known couples, we will find that still gives us hope that one can have their happily ever after.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick: Nothing much can be disclosed about this couple who has lived a peaceful 28 years raising kids and having a great partner. The Hollywood stars had fallen in love at a movie set and now married for a really long time. Kevin and Kyra have not really been an onscreen couple but off-screen the two have shared some of the most beautiful moments together. Kyra and Kevin both have shifted away from all the glitz and glamor and have concentrated on raising a family with their two kids. The heartthrob still makes quite an amazing pair and no wonder the Bacon and Sedgwick are the best parents to their kids. We wish all the happiness and more peace and bliss to the couple so that they have an everlasting love story.


These pictures are of a real life hulk that actually exists in real life and definitely you won’t like him being angry!

You must have seen hulk in your green comic books or else in the movie. But have you ever wondered that there actually exists a man who resembles the reel-life Hulk. In these pictures you will see Sajad Gharibi who just looks like Hulk. Though in the pictures you will find his expressions to be that of an angry man, according to reports he is one of the sweetest person in this world.

There is no doubt that he is a body builder and he has gained that physic through tremendous work out. But the only thing to wonder about him is that how he has got such a hulk like physic which no guys has ever achieved.

  1. Introducing Sajad Gharibi

In this picture you can see Sajad Gharibi and at the same time there is a picture of Hulk. The biceps and muscles that he has gained make him look like Hulk. No wonder why he is called the Iranian Hulk over the internet. It’s still a wonder how he has made such a body.


It’s fun to compare the 20 pictures of people after they drank 3 glasses of wine!

It’s fun to compare the 20 pictures of people after they drank 3 glasses of wine!

Have you ever wondered how you look after you are totally drunk? If not, then you can imagine it now.

Marcos Alberti had decided to take a series of pictures of his friends while they simultaneously took to drinking three glasses of wine. And the result was hilarious, trust me!

The series that he has made is of 20 people and he has shown their different state of mind after each glass they drank. Each person has got 4 pictures from the normal being to getting drunk after the third drink. Now, let’s check them out:


  1. In this first picture collage of this lady you can see clearly how she reacts after she gets drunk with every glass of wine. Who could have imagined that this calm minded lady can also be so crazy after boozing! The last picture of the collage shows that how the third glass of wine slowly takes her out of the calm and shy shell.

The calm and composed lady:


30 Reasons why you cannot leave a kid even for a second

Kids are lovable, aren’t they? Yes of course. Couples dream about having babies sooner or later in their lives. After all raising your own children is a different experience that everyone wants to go through. But wait! Have you ever thought about the cons of raising a child?
Here follows some experiences of parents that they had to go through while raising their children. Just have a look:
1. Let’s have some fun bro!
Have you ever come across something like this ever? Yes it can be called as being a partner in crime! These two twin kids are busy with their naughtiest doings. You can see how one is trying and helping the other one to get out of the door.


Stunt Gone Wrong: Tiger Shroff Almost Hits Shraddha Kapoor

Watch Tiger Shroff perform a flying back kick over the head pf Sharddha Kapoor on the sets of their upcoming film Baaghi A Rebel For Love

Tiger just proved what’s he capable of. As a Martial Artist I know some things. Performing this kinda difficult flying techniques require tremendous amount of Brute Force. Smiling and generating Brute Force at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE. If Tiger can perform these techniques with out Brute Force what he is gonna unleashing his true self I wonder!!! So those who are thinking Tiger made a mistake as he fallen, With all due respect DON’T. He was just having Fun! Cheers!

Babies Dancing In The Middle Of Road

Cute Babies dancing on the Middle of Road. This video seems to be animated. Hats off to the creator of Movie. On a YouTube it has received Million Plus views and lot of positive comments.

In today’s  busy life, these videos are not less then a life saver. We give this video 5 out of 5 stars. If you also liked this video. Please share your comments

Viewers comments

Look at the girls face when the boy does the waving arm look at her face after it

I really like this video I’m obsessed whith it it’s really funny

Thanks ” Wow Super super fun for this kid’s “

Yamaha India Made a Dhoom At Auto EXPO 2016

This Auto Expo 2016, Yamaha India has gained lots of Wows from the enthusiastic audience of Delhi -NCR. Team of world renowned stunt man’s came from Japan. 

Shamsher Narayan Sharma (Head of Motor Sports India) with Daice Suzuki & Kota Kugimura & Fumitaka Nozaki


Riders Profile 

Daice Suzuki (Japan)

  • 2002 Started professional FMX riding
  • 2005 Won the International FMX Championship
  • Air-X in the Osaka Dome
  • 2009 Won the all Japan FMX Championship
  • He has won same title four times until now

Jana Gana Mana – Happy Independence Day In Bollywood Style

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// Watch this awesome video to celebrate Independence day in Bollywood styleREALLLYYYYYYY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,REALLLLYYYYYYY OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY OUR SINGERS AS WELL AS OUR ACTRESSES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,VISUAL PERFORMANCE OF THE VIDEO IS SUPERB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


WIFT India celebrates WOMEN’S DAY with this National Anthem featuring women – both technicians and actors – working across film fraternities in India!
Directed by Sameer Siddiqi
Producer by Petrina D’Rozario (Founder President of WIFT India)

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