18 Couple who still makes us believe in love!

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham:  This amazingly gorgeous couple has been in the long run and that too without any making any such traditional vows or neither did the bride wear a wedding dress! But the popular television host and inspirational person have been in love with Stedman for a very long time. They maintain a very beautiful relationship and the businessman Graham lost his heart to this brilliant woman Oprah long back in the year 1986 when they started dating. Though Winfrey has accepted the 1992 proposal from her partner they still haven’t yet made their way to the aisle. The couples are always involved in several noble and humanitarian causes and maintain their relationship with blessings and love. Stedman and Oprah do not have any children’s but the two seem to be their sole source of hope and inspiration to do better things in life.


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