18 Couple who still makes us believe in love!

The breakup of the most famous high profile couple just left the whole world stunned. The fact that Brangelina is no more together is a nightmare and people already declared it as the end of an era. But well there are several other couples who are still very much basking the glory of love and enjoying a blissful life along with their partners. If we look at some less known couples, we will find that still gives us hope that one can have their happily ever after.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick: Nothing much can be disclosed about this couple who has lived a peaceful 28 years raising kids and having a great partner. The Hollywood stars had fallen in love at a movie set and now married for a really long time. Kevin and Kyra have not really been an onscreen couple but off-screen the two have shared some of the most beautiful moments together. Kyra and Kevin both have shifted away from all the glitz Showbox and glamor and have concentrated on raising a family with their two kids. The heartthrob still makes quite an amazing pair and no wonder the Bacon and Sedgwick are the best parents to their kids. We wish all the happiness and more peace and bliss to the couple so that they have an everlasting love story.


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