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If you are looking for a good football tricks videos, then this is the perfect one which can satisfy you. The performance of the skilled twins and freekickerz is really amazing. Zlatan and Berg are present in this soccer video and showing their skills.From the starting of this video, they show their exclusive abilities like dodging the ball and passing it in different ways. Even the special technique of the free-kick is quite impressive. In front of their outstanding performance, the goal keeper becomes helpless which you may also feel at the time of watching this video.

Though the three guys started showing their skills while entering the ground, they finished it with a kick which directly enters the goal after touching the bars. Thus saving this shot becomes impossible for the goal keeper as the direction of the ball drastically changes after getting deflected by the bars. In the whole video, you may also see the bicycle kick which has the capability to change football scores anytime during the match. To perform a proper bi-cycle kick everyone needs to be a pro footballer rather than a beginner. Apart from this the skills of Ronaldo and Neymar are also shown in this video which will surely help you enjoy the video. If you want to watch football online free then tune in to the SkillTwins – Tutorials – Gameskills – Freestyle channel

YouTube Channel courtesy – SkillTwins – Tutorials – Gameskills – Freestyle

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