Babies Saying MAMA For the First Time – How Cute

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The word “mamma” has a magical quality that every mother waits to hear from the lips of her baby. This video compilation records the first time a number of babies say the ‘M’ word. Pronouncing it is easy for some while others manage it after a few attempts. The parents are ecstatic to hear the children utter the words and are all mushy over the achievement.

The video starts off with a pretty girl say mamma and the mother sounds almost in tears by hearing the word.  Some of the kids play and enjoy themselves as the mothers encourage the children to say the word. Others find themselves in high backed chairs, walkers, or in the arms of the parents as they say the first word. The nuances and sounds are really funny because all cannot say the word clearly. Some start with a long ‘mmmmm’ which finally becomes mamma and then gets randomly repeated many times before it is stopped. Not only new mothers but even the older ones will get teary –eyed remember this period in their lives. One particular baby manages to say ‘dada’ instead of mamma and seems very happy about it. As the video comes to an end a child cries repeatedly and calls mamma stopping only when he has managed to say it. Babies can be such a joy to have around especially during this phase when they learn to talk.   

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