Best of Motorcycle Fail Videos

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This video compilation is filled with bike stunts and motorcycle stunts. It’s mainly a collection of the best motorcycle fails or accidents.

The first video-clip features an unusual collision between two cool bikes; you got to see it yourself. The next one is a good example of a planned stunt that goes terribly wrong. The biker in the following video simply loses control and falls off his bike, surprisingly without getting much injured. The motorbike here, however, will certainly need an overall servicing.

Do watch the video in which the motorcycle rider tries a new riding technique and soon loses control over his raging bike. Next you’ll meet two men in two different videos, who rather need some more motorcycle training to be referred to as motorbike riders.Then there are video-clips that literally show why speed limits matter and why you must follow them. You’ll meet quite a few people who need tips on performing or pulling wheelie stunts carefully. Some of them will also need to learn how to ride without harming others.One of the videos also features a random man, whose bike is on fire for unknown reasons. In another situation the bike behaves more like a violent bull.Go on watching for more, as all the videos have their own fun elements.


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