Bike Fails Compilation Videos – Best collection

Bike stunts and motorcycle stunts have become a happening trend today. Bikers, with their cool bikes, perform stunts and record the same. Bike fails happen all the time. Here’s a compilation of bike-fail videos for you to enjoy and perhaps learn from the bikers’ mistakes.

The first video itself gives you an idea of how hilarious yet awful these bike-fails can be, as the biker straight-away falls off a mound. The next one shows how even a small boulder can spoil one’s ride if the speed is not under control. Here both the rider and cameraman face the consequences.

In the next video-clip the poor lad experiences a few seconds of triumph flying in the air, however gravity does its job; he crashes hitting the tree. There are other videos that show how unkind natural roller-coaster type roads can be if one is not conscious. Make sure you watch the video-clip in which, during the bike stunt, a guy flips upside down in mid-air; the poor bike splits into two pieces, luckily the biker looks fine. In another video the biker lands on the ground with great force, and neither the bike nor the biker could take it. The crash had to happen. Go on watching for more, but don’t get too inspired by them

YouTube Channel Courtesy – NoOrdinaryChannel


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