These 27 people know very well how to make the statues look pretty funny…#17 is sure to make you faint!

Whichever city you visit, you will come across various types of statues. Some of them carry historical values while some others are just there to enhance the view of the streets. It can be the statues of some important personalities of the historical era and even statues of animals. Whatever the case may be statues do help the passersby to click innovative photographs as well as learn new things.

But you must have come across people who love to do pranks with such statues. These people are innovative, no doubt. They put their creativity in making such funny pictures with the statues that are surely hilarious. Here are some of those pictures, taken by such pranksters which are sure to make you feel that they are painfully funny!

  1. Hold me like this forever!

The pose that this lady gave with this beast statue is simply wonderful. It seems as if she has been helping up in the arms of the bear. This is the perfect moment and it can be named as “The Beauty and The Beast”.


The World of Cartoon Finds the Elixir of Life?

Do you ever think that the Simpsons are actually a real family? Do you find any similarity between Scars from Lion King?  Well, there may be a possibility because the creators of these cartoons either use any imaginative inspiration or make an impression of any fairly related individual. Are animated figures mirror representation of the world one resides in? Undoubtedly all the amazing characters and figurines which we visualize with the graphics on screen is the result of the people surrounding our reality. Therefore we list some of the real life inspiration which has given some of the best characters onscreen.

  1. Nicki Minaj and Mrs. Potato Head

Nicki Minaj might have upgraded her style profile, in the recent years, but there was a time when she was pink on purple eye shadows, extremely shocking pink lipsticks and protruding eyelashes. Well, if this does not make one imagine of Mrs. Potato Head, then what will. The only true way to really realize how uncanny the similarity is is to zoom in on the picture of Nicki Minaj and absolutely inspecting every little detail that is there to notice, and viola! One will be surprised to a certain degree.