Babies Dancing In The Middle Of Road

Cute Babies dancing on the Middle of Road. This video seems to be animated. Hats off to the creator of Movie. On a YouTube it has received Million Plus views and lot of positive comments.

In today’s  busy life, these videos are not less then a life saver. We give this video 5 out of 5 stars. If you also liked this video. Please share your comments

Viewers comments

Look at the girls face when the boy does the waving arm look at her face after it

I really like this video I’m obsessed whith it it’s really funny

Thanks ” Wow Super super fun for this kid’s “

Babies Saying MAMA For the First Time – How Cute

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The word “mamma” has a magical quality that every mother waits to hear from the lips of her baby. This video compilation records the first time a number of babies say the ‘M’ word. Pronouncing it is easy for some while others manage it after a few attempts. The parents are ecstatic to hear the children utter the words and are all mushy over the achievement.

The video starts off with a pretty girl say mamma and the mother sounds almost in tears by hearing the word.  Some of the kids play and enjoy themselves as the mothers encourage the children to say the word. Others find themselves in high backed chairs, walkers, or in the arms of the parents as they say the first word. The nuances and sounds are really funny because all cannot say the word clearly. Some start with a long ‘mmmmm’ which finally becomes mamma and then gets randomly repeated many times before it is stopped. Not only new mothers but even the older ones will get teary –eyed remember this period in their lives. One particular baby manages to say ‘dada’ instead of mamma and seems very happy about it. As the video comes to an end a child cries repeatedly and calls mamma stopping only when he has managed to say it. Babies can be such a joy to have around especially during this phase when they learn to talk.   

Brave Dogs Protecting Cute Babies 2014-2015 HD Video

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[/sociallocker] This kids videos compilation shows how dogs can be extremely careful and protective of babies in the house. They protect as if the children are their own and the humans get no opportunity of harming them by disrupting their sleep or even point a finger at them. Whether the babies are newborns or toddlers the dogs are very protective of them. The canines are very adept at understanding the instructions of their masters and following them. One of them prevents a toddler from climbing down the stairs in the cute baby videos because the mother was asking him not to let her step on the stairs as she may fall.

A small Doberman resents the mother trying to wake up the baby and places his head on the baby to make it fall asleep again. Another large Doberman tries to protect a couple of teens from a man pretending to throw a pillow at them while another tries to stop the boy’s father from beating the child with a whip albeit jokingly. All these show the immense attachment that animals have for children. The toddler videos are a lesson for people who think dogs may be dangerous to have around kids because that is far from the truth. The canines can be able guards and protect the children with their lives if necessary.        

You Tube Channel Courtesy – BabiezTV

Cute baby playing with dog funny

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This cute and funny video of an adorable baby and an over-energetic puppy comes under those funniest home videos that are worth-watching. It’s a short video of a man and his very own best friend, or rather the younger and littler versions of both.

The video starts with a thoughtful looking baby sitting outdoors on the grass, probably looking at his/her parent. Suddenly the entry of the puppy adds zing to the whole atmosphere. The puppy comes hopping and jumping, and focuses totally on bothering the toddler.It hops around for a few seconds and then approaches the tot. Seeing the puppy the toddler’s repetitive hand movements were though a friendly gesture, but were enough for the pup to lose balance and fall.

After that the puppy prefers to stay put for some few seconds until the baby insists him, in his own sign language, to continue. The pup then begins with mouthing the toddler’s hands and legs, and moves around him playfully. And the baby totally enjoys the company of this little friend.Finally the focus of the pup shifts to the baby’s left ear, and it goes on jumping and mouthing the same. Both the baby and the pup try their best to be steady, as both of them are too small to have a sense of balance. However, due to the puppy’s continuous efforts to get hold of the baby’s ear, the baby finally had to fall on its back.So check out this video now, as these cute puppy and toddler videos can refresh your mind anytime.

YouTube Channel courtesy – Baby Popcy

Funny Baby Videos 2015 For Kids

This baby videos compilation records the amazing response babies have towards food, sleep, and various stimulants. It starts with a couple of children showing the weirdest responses towards fruits. While one baby loves licking the watermelon it is sitting inside the other has a rough time tasting a sour piece of lemon. The reactions to taste are amazing and show that children can be very sensitive.  Another loves alternating between eating a piece of sweet fruit and licking a piece of jam smeared bread.

The child enjoys the taste with closed eyes and loves it beyond anything. Babies are pretty comfortable with cats so one follows a cat using a walker and follows it example. Dancing on cuddly and comfortable mattress, throwing balls and bathing in a bathtub are some of the easier things that babies love to do. Children have an ear for songs and enjoy music thoroughly. The reactions of babies to different kinds of sounds are a joy to watch. The cute baby videos show that taking a tube away from the baby can trigger off a wail of cry which stops instantly when the tube is returned to his hands. These and many more emotions make this collection of toddler videos a must watch

YouTube Channel courtesy – Baby Popcy

Soldiers Meeting Their Baby For The First Time – Emotional Video

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This is a compilation of funny yet heart melting videos in which babies meet their dads for the first time. The daddies here are the protectors of the nation, the soldiers, who stay away from their families for months and even years. In this collection of baby movies and toddler videos the video clips capture the emotions and priceless moments when these soldiers come home after a long time and get to meet their newborns or toddlers.

You will see so many mixed emotions coming from these sturdy men. In one of the video clips a soldier bursts into tears seeing his wife and child. In another clip, the wife introduces the newborn to its father; the new daddy carefully holds the infant and stands speechless looking at his own baby. Then you’ll see a soldier interacting with his little one for the first time, while the baby goes on thoroughly examining the uniform of the affectionate stranger. In the next one a soldier’s long hug to his wife leaves the toddler surprised, or rather shocked. You will love the one in which the new daddy meets his adorable little baby girl.

These dads just want to hold and feel their newborns, like forever, and kiss them to express their love. No doubt these moments are one of their most proud moments of life. And nearly all the toddlers look at their daddies with great astonishment, that’s the funny part in these cute baby videos. So have fun watching this compilation of kids videos showing the kids’ union with their dads.

 YouTube Channel courtesy – BabiezTV

Big Dogs Playing with Babies Compilation (Funniest Home Videos)

Toddlers are completely safe with big dogs and this video compilation of the funniest home videos is an example of that. Whether they can crawl, walk or remain in their walkers, large sized canines are every gentle with them. The babies laugh, giggle, and nearly roll on the carpeted floors as the animals lick and play with them. Some even try to open a book to keep the child engaged but the infant hardly seems interested and snatches away the same. Feeding increases bonding, so one child takes it upon himself to feed two huge Alsatians dog food with his own hands. Amazingly, the cute baby videos animals are patient enough to wait for the child to bring very morsel to them with his small hands.

Golden retrievers are lovely to pet and a baby girl tries hard to awaken the dog pretending to be asleep. In a particularly interesting part of the toddler videos a child plays hide-and-seek with the child and licks him when he finally uncovers himself. The large dogs are really calm in the baby videos and endure whatever the child do to them. One girl tries to make the dog wear a string of pearls and the animal takes it unusually well. Some try to use the dogs as pillows while others break into peals of laughter while being licked. Whoever said dogs are scary was very wrong.

YouTube Channel courtesy – BabiezTV

Cute dogs waking up owners – kids videos

This funny video is a compilation of how animals wake up their owners in the morning. Some are successful while others try really hard without success. Most of the dogs follow a pattern by trying to get the person out of the blanket and then pushing the legs off the bed. The canines employ ingenious methods to push the blankets  out of place by wriggling under the head or often dragging the cover off with their mouth. The first one in the video, an alsatian, successfully makes the owner sit up on the bed. The others manage to make the people toss and turn but not get out of the bed. A particularly funny canine chases a green beam shot on the blanket and hops and jumps a lot on the owner in an attempt to catch it.

The more gentler ones merely paw on the blankets trying to wake their masters softly. A couple of them also lick the face and ears of their already awake owners and play with them joyously. The video can make you go all Awww! as the four-legged friends cuddle their masters and make them feel loved and adored.

YouTube Channel Courtesy – Tiger Productions

Cute Toddler videos with Cats and Dogs

The funny video mashup of the interactions between toddlers and pets can make you go all teary-eyed. It shows excellent snippets of how pets can be the best friends of infants and keep them engaged happily. The video begins with a few months old baby being fondled by a big golden retriever dog on the bed surrounded by toys and stuffed animals. The video continues with more babies being licked and loved by different cats and dogs under the watchful eyes of their parents. The children seem extremely comfortable with the animals with some of them sleeping peacefully with the pets on their beds.

Some of the cats in the video have an affinity for licking the head of the infants who don’t seem to mind. A particular baby sucks on the feeding bottle while another plays with toys as the cats lick their hairs and paste them in place. One toddler at the end of the video gets into a light tussle with the feline in an attempt to get hold of the each other. It ends with the baby lying comfortably on his belly and the cat licking his head happily. Next time don’t worry if the baby sitter does not turn up, your pet can keep the baby engaged.

Video Channel courtesy –   MashupZone

Funny Baby Videos: Top 10 Funny Baby Videos

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This funny video captures various reactions of babies that can make you go all-mushy. The first baby, featured in this video, goes mildly curious, frightened, teary and smiley in quick successions- when the mother meowed, barked, quacked and made some seriously scary noises to him.

You will definitely want to laugh and hug him at the same time. Then come two infants in hospital’s neo-natal care. The first one manages to keep calm and sleepy while the second one constantly fidgets to nibble on his cheek, suck it out and crying in-between. What happens when a baby stares on the camera, ignoring all the coochie-cooing from the father? The dad makes some bwahaha noise and then baby wails!

The gummy laughter of a baby is the mood uplifted for all. But the cute quotient becomes double when the baby does it in small bursts and without taking a pause! The pretty floral suit of the kid adds another pretty sight in this video. The last part of the video shows you why your pet dog is your baby’s best friend. Here, the baby boy breaks into laughter every time his four legged friend gobbles up a soap bubble. Watch it to try it at home.