Jackie Chan’s best fight scenes ever (HD 1080p)

Jackie Chan is undoubtedly a master of action, thrills, and fight sequences. This video compilation dedicate to his genius is a must-watch for all fans. It re establishes faith in speed and practice which makes these fights so much fun to watch. Jackie fights with the simplest things imaginable like an umbrella, brooms, or wooden packing boxes.

Quick thinking and sure shot moves are the essence of the fight scenes. Every move reflects his presence of mind and perfect timing. If the fight is taking place in a market place even the smallest lemon becomes a weapon in his hands and their choice keeps the enemies startled while Jackie makes his fast moves. The video begins with a remarkable shot of the hero wearing roller skates on his arms, legs and back with which he navigates the roads, slides under a truck, and fights the bad guys with equal ease. The shot where he zooms through the tunnel wearing his gear is simply awe inspiring.  Using benches and desks for fighting seems like a new way of handling furniture. His escape from the maze at the end of the video clip on a parachute is a clever one

Top 10 Unexpected Accidental Movie Deaths HD Video

Death in films can either be funny or metaphoric and the death of the victim may be sudden or intentional. Some accidental deaths even appear off screen. Here we will discuss about the Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths.

The first one which we will talk about is Doctor Strangelove (1964). In this film Major Kong as a bona fide cowboy jumps off for enjoying the wildfire. The second one is Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978). Here Jackie Chan kills his opponent with the help of a new fighting style, which he developed by witnessing his pet cat killing a cobra. In Live and Let Die (1973), James Bond attacked the culprit by forcing a shark gun bullet into his mouth which made him blow up and explode. Then comes Big Trouble in Little China (1986) where a character named Thunder killed himself by becoming enraged.

The Other Guys(2010) holds a death sequence where two people jumps and fails to survive the fall. In Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2(1987) a psychopath becomes a brutal killer.  Zoolandar (2001) showcases death which occurred from a weird gasoline accident. In Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002), death occurred due to the deadly shark attack. Undefeatable (1994) shows the death of a man whose both eyes are gouged out. Lastly in Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) the skater is killed by thorough chasing

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12 Bollywood Hollywood LookAlikes Movie Stars

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[/sociallocker] Lookalikes have been found in many industries across the world and the film industry is no different. These movie stars from Bollywood and Hollywood have wowed and entertained people, and yet there have been times when you did not even realize that they look similar. This video compilation picks 12 faces from the East and West that have a lot in common except the persons they are. Hrithik Roshan aka Krrish looks a lot like Bradley Cooper of Hangover fame who is a producer and actor in his own right. Aditi Rao Hydari who shot to fame with Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn. Among the other leading ladies Esha Gupta of Murder 2 fame looks similar to Anjelina Jolie while Kat (Katrina Kaif) looks similar to Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother.

Emraan Hashmi and Colin Farrell look very much like each other if one considers their haircut and beard. Other hollywood actors who look like their Indian counterparts include Kayla Ewell and Ryan Gosling who look like Asin and Ranbir Kapoor respectively. Anna Hathaway who has recently been in hollywood news for trying to hide her baby bump seems similar to Bollywood’s Dia Mirza. Among the 12 Bollywood Hollywood LookAlikes movie stars the name of Rakhi Sawant can be found for being similar to Haifa Wehbe. Other famous people like Kareena Kapoor and Paris Hilton; Tushar Kapoor and Phillip Rhys; and Kim Kardshian and Sophie Choudhury can also be found in the list

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Top 10 Unexpected Movie Deaths – Full HD Video

Death scenes in movies are of particular importance but then some are as unpredictable as ever. Some scenes are of accidental deaths while others rank among the Top 10 Unexpected Accidental Movie Deaths because the audience did not feel that these characters need to die at all. The video description here is a clever compilation of such unexpected endings of life. The first death scene in the compilation from the movie Inglorious Basterds is a classic example of an unexpected death. Then again no one thought the fat computer expert from Jurassic Park was to be killed by a dinosaur while delivering the can. Carolyn Frye in Pitch Black was almost saved by the movie’s hero when she was dragged away by the bird.

Many times characters are also killed when they go to check out what’s wrong with everyone and that is exactly how Dick Halloran gets killed in The Shinning. Each person in black death movie gets killed in a pretty gruesome manner which can be very disturbing. The sudden deaths by gunshot in Burn after reading and the run over in Meet Joe Black are as gruesome as they are unexpected. The faces of death movie like Psycho and The Departed can give you’re the creeps because the deaths and the spatter of blood take the viewer by surprise. But the killings by the sharks in Deep Blue Sea take the cake and make it the best after death movie.   

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