Brave Dogs Protecting Cute Babies 2014-2015 HD Video

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[/sociallocker] This kids videos compilation shows how dogs can be extremely careful and protective of babies in the house. They protect as if the children are their own and the humans get no opportunity of harming them by disrupting their sleep or even point a finger at them. Whether the babies are newborns or toddlers the dogs are very protective of them. The canines are very adept at understanding the instructions of their masters and following them. One of them prevents a toddler from climbing down the stairs in the cute baby videos because the mother was asking him not to let her step on the stairs as she may fall.

A small Doberman resents the mother trying to wake up the baby and places his head on the baby to make it fall asleep again. Another large Doberman tries to protect a couple of teens from a man pretending to throw a pillow at them while another tries to stop the boy’s father from beating the child with a whip albeit jokingly. All these show the immense attachment that animals have for children. The toddler videos are a lesson for people who think dogs may be dangerous to have around kids because that is far from the truth. The canines can be able guards and protect the children with their lives if necessary.        

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Top 10 Unexpected Accidental Movie Deaths HD Video

Death in films can either be funny or metaphoric and the death of the victim may be sudden or intentional. Some accidental deaths even appear off screen. Here we will discuss about the Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths.

The first one which we will talk about is Doctor Strangelove (1964). In this film Major Kong as a bona fide cowboy jumps off for enjoying the wildfire. The second one is Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978). Here Jackie Chan kills his opponent with the help of a new fighting style, which he developed by witnessing his pet cat killing a cobra. In Live and Let Die (1973), James Bond attacked the culprit by forcing a shark gun bullet into his mouth which made him blow up and explode. Then comes Big Trouble in Little China (1986) where a character named Thunder killed himself by becoming enraged.

The Other Guys(2010) holds a death sequence where two people jumps and fails to survive the fall. In Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2(1987) a psychopath becomes a brutal killer.  Zoolandar (2001) showcases death which occurred from a weird gasoline accident. In Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002), death occurred due to the deadly shark attack. Undefeatable (1994) shows the death of a man whose both eyes are gouged out. Lastly in Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) the skater is killed by thorough chasing

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Cute baby playing with dog funny

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This cute and funny video of an adorable baby and an over-energetic puppy comes under those funniest home videos that are worth-watching. It’s a short video of a man and his very own best friend, or rather the younger and littler versions of both.

The video starts with a thoughtful looking baby sitting outdoors on the grass, probably looking at his/her parent. Suddenly the entry of the puppy adds zing to the whole atmosphere. The puppy comes hopping and jumping, and focuses totally on bothering the toddler.It hops around for a few seconds and then approaches the tot. Seeing the puppy the toddler’s repetitive hand movements were though a friendly gesture, but were enough for the pup to lose balance and fall.

After that the puppy prefers to stay put for some few seconds until the baby insists him, in his own sign language, to continue. The pup then begins with mouthing the toddler’s hands and legs, and moves around him playfully. And the baby totally enjoys the company of this little friend.Finally the focus of the pup shifts to the baby’s left ear, and it goes on jumping and mouthing the same. Both the baby and the pup try their best to be steady, as both of them are too small to have a sense of balance. However, due to the puppy’s continuous efforts to get hold of the baby’s ear, the baby finally had to fall on its back.So check out this video now, as these cute puppy and toddler videos can refresh your mind anytime.

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Funny Baby Videos 2015 For Kids

This baby videos compilation records the amazing response babies have towards food, sleep, and various stimulants. It starts with a couple of children showing the weirdest responses towards fruits. While one baby loves licking the watermelon it is sitting inside the other has a rough time tasting a sour piece of lemon. The reactions to taste are amazing and show that children can be very sensitive.  Another loves alternating between eating a piece of sweet fruit and licking a piece of jam smeared bread.

The child enjoys the taste with closed eyes and loves it beyond anything. Babies are pretty comfortable with cats so one follows a cat using a walker and follows it example. Dancing on cuddly and comfortable mattress, throwing balls and bathing in a bathtub are some of the easier things that babies love to do. Children have an ear for songs and enjoy music thoroughly. The reactions of babies to different kinds of sounds are a joy to watch. The cute baby videos show that taking a tube away from the baby can trigger off a wail of cry which stops instantly when the tube is returned to his hands. These and many more emotions make this collection of toddler videos a must watch

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Pranks are hugely enjoyable when done in a safe manner. The video has been shot on purpose for the sake of everyone’s fun. It features a customer at a massage parlor who has been made a scapegoat. The gullible client in the funny pranks videos had wanted a massage from a beautiful female masseuse but without realizing a fat male had massaged him all the time and hit him on the behind. The funny reactions of the client and the owner present inside the room makes the video hilarious. Viewers are left in splits as the sleekly built woman climbs over the client to massage the back and is quickly replaced by the male masseuse who crashes on top of the client.

The funny pranks, pressure, and jerking caused by the loud pats of the male on the client’s back in no way can be imagined to have been made by the beautiful woman. But the client cannot see what is happening behind him and is left guessing. This makes the funny videos pranks even funnier. In the end of the short video clips al the confusion is cleared up and the client understands that the place was rigged with cameras and he has been made the fun of

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12 Bollywood Hollywood LookAlikes Movie Stars

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[/sociallocker] Lookalikes have been found in many industries across the world and the film industry is no different. These movie stars from Bollywood and Hollywood have wowed and entertained people, and yet there have been times when you did not even realize that they look similar. This video compilation picks 12 faces from the East and West that have a lot in common except the persons they are. Hrithik Roshan aka Krrish looks a lot like Bradley Cooper of Hangover fame who is a producer and actor in his own right. Aditi Rao Hydari who shot to fame with Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn. Among the other leading ladies Esha Gupta of Murder 2 fame looks similar to Anjelina Jolie while Kat (Katrina Kaif) looks similar to Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother.

Emraan Hashmi and Colin Farrell look very much like each other if one considers their haircut and beard. Other hollywood actors who look like their Indian counterparts include Kayla Ewell and Ryan Gosling who look like Asin and Ranbir Kapoor respectively. Anna Hathaway who has recently been in hollywood news for trying to hide her baby bump seems similar to Bollywood’s Dia Mirza. Among the 12 Bollywood Hollywood LookAlikes movie stars the name of Rakhi Sawant can be found for being similar to Haifa Wehbe. Other famous people like Kareena Kapoor and Paris Hilton; Tushar Kapoor and Phillip Rhys; and Kim Kardshian and Sophie Choudhury can also be found in the list

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Soldiers Meeting Their Baby For The First Time – Emotional Video

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This is a compilation of funny yet heart melting videos in which babies meet their dads for the first time. The daddies here are the protectors of the nation, the soldiers, who stay away from their families for months and even years. In this collection of baby movies and toddler videos the video clips capture the emotions and priceless moments when these soldiers come home after a long time and get to meet their newborns or toddlers.

You will see so many mixed emotions coming from these sturdy men. In one of the video clips a soldier bursts into tears seeing his wife and child. In another clip, the wife introduces the newborn to its father; the new daddy carefully holds the infant and stands speechless looking at his own baby. Then you’ll see a soldier interacting with his little one for the first time, while the baby goes on thoroughly examining the uniform of the affectionate stranger. In the next one a soldier’s long hug to his wife leaves the toddler surprised, or rather shocked. You will love the one in which the new daddy meets his adorable little baby girl.

These dads just want to hold and feel their newborns, like forever, and kiss them to express their love. No doubt these moments are one of their most proud moments of life. And nearly all the toddlers look at their daddies with great astonishment, that’s the funny part in these cute baby videos. So have fun watching this compilation of kids videos showing the kids’ union with their dads.

 YouTube Channel courtesy – BabiezTV

Top 10 Unexpected Movie Deaths – Full HD Video

Death scenes in movies are of particular importance but then some are as unpredictable as ever. Some scenes are of accidental deaths while others rank among the Top 10 Unexpected Accidental Movie Deaths because the audience did not feel that these characters need to die at all. The video description here is a clever compilation of such unexpected endings of life. The first death scene in the compilation from the movie Inglorious Basterds is a classic example of an unexpected death. Then again no one thought the fat computer expert from Jurassic Park was to be killed by a dinosaur while delivering the can. Carolyn Frye in Pitch Black was almost saved by the movie’s hero when she was dragged away by the bird.

Many times characters are also killed when they go to check out what’s wrong with everyone and that is exactly how Dick Halloran gets killed in The Shinning. Each person in black death movie gets killed in a pretty gruesome manner which can be very disturbing. The sudden deaths by gunshot in Burn after reading and the run over in Meet Joe Black are as gruesome as they are unexpected. The faces of death movie like Psycho and The Departed can give you’re the creeps because the deaths and the spatter of blood take the viewer by surprise. But the killings by the sharks in Deep Blue Sea take the cake and make it the best after death movie.   

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Big Dogs Playing with Babies Compilation (Funniest Home Videos)

Toddlers are completely safe with big dogs and this video compilation of the funniest home videos is an example of that. Whether they can crawl, walk or remain in their walkers, large sized canines are every gentle with them. The babies laugh, giggle, and nearly roll on the carpeted floors as the animals lick and play with them. Some even try to open a book to keep the child engaged but the infant hardly seems interested and snatches away the same. Feeding increases bonding, so one child takes it upon himself to feed two huge Alsatians dog food with his own hands. Amazingly, the cute baby videos animals are patient enough to wait for the child to bring very morsel to them with his small hands.

Golden retrievers are lovely to pet and a baby girl tries hard to awaken the dog pretending to be asleep. In a particularly interesting part of the toddler videos a child plays hide-and-seek with the child and licks him when he finally uncovers himself. The large dogs are really calm in the baby videos and endure whatever the child do to them. One girl tries to make the dog wear a string of pearls and the animal takes it unusually well. Some try to use the dogs as pillows while others break into peals of laughter while being licked. Whoever said dogs are scary was very wrong.

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WWE The Great Khali vs John Cena – Amazing Full HD Video Fight

This video is about the WWF fight between Indian wrestler The Great Khali and WWF champion John Cena. Khali is over 400 pounds and seven feet tall and is huge in comparison to John Cena wwe. The fight lasts less than seven minutes in which Khali beats the opponent to pulp in the wrestling game by simply defending himself.

Cena did not stand a chance against the Great Khali and was just thrown away like a doll. As the crowd cheered Khali went on beating the other person. Finally Cena falls to the ground and another wrestler comes and tries to finish him off.  The wwe wrestlemania is extremely addictive and the video has a significant number of hits.

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