This video clipping of the fight between Indian born The Great Khali and Randy Orton is an entertaining wwf video. Khali loses the battle to Orton’s tactics and anger which turns the tables. But then the wrestling game is very entertaining just like any other match because most of the wrestlers seem small in front of Khali’s huge frame. The wrestler is more than seven feet tall weighing over 400pounds which is no mean feat. The wwe wrestling match is a much anticipated one because of Orton’s anger issues which are quite well-known among wrestling audience. As the audience shouts Orton’s name the wrestler gives his full effort towards fighting and bringing down Khali.

The games between the two are a hot topic for monday night raw fights and are much enjoyed by the audience. The referee for the game is an extremely good one and intervenes in the game at the right time so that the two fighters can resume the fight properly which led to Khali’s defeat. It is amazing to see how Orton pulls down and defeats such a large man like Khali. He flattens the man and makes sure that Khali is unable to get up. His use of strength and tactics leaves the audience spellbound.  The first time Khali falls is because of a perfect hit on his chest which makes him loose balance. Then on Orton continues to shower well-aimed blows which turn the game in his favor and he actually wins the match with a smile.      

YouTube Channel courtesy – Fredalf2005

Batista vs The Great Khali No Mercy – Punjabi Prison Full HD

Caged fights are dangerous in the world  both the wrestlers are mercy less for each other. This video shows the wrestling game between Khali, who is an Indian born wrestler and Batista. Both of them are heavy weight champions and have won a number of championships. The fight featured here is a caged one called the Punjabi Prison which is made of double sets of bamboo rods that have spikes attached to them. Both wrestlers have a short window within which they will have to escape from the prison to save themselves. Khali and Batista challenge each other for the world title and are ready to break each others’ bones.

A huge crowd cheers the wrestlers and waits for the championship to start. At the beginning of the wwe wrestlemania Batista seems intimidated by the Punjabi Prison but in a matter of minutes the thought is dispelled. As the two fight it out the first door opens for 60 seconds but Khali is unable to get out of it. Batista gets beaten by Khali but does not let him escape. Khali with his height of over 7 feet and 400 pound in weight beats up Batista. As time passes Batista beats Khali and attempts to get out through the second door. As the third door opens Batista tries to make his way out but Khali does not allow him to. With the last door remaining the fight turn positively ugly. But finally the last door also gets locked and the two are left with the alternative of climbing over the prison. Khali finally manages to get over the inner and outer fences but Batista beats him to the race and wins the title. 

YouTube Channel courtesy – MrAllstarwrestling

ZOO videos – Never Seen before


The zoo is an amazing place but even more entertaining with a few funny experiences. This video compilation catches some priceless moments with zoo visitors. It is one laughter rollercoaster as you watch the expressions of the animals and what they do to the visitors. A lion and lioness were very annoyed to have a glass separating them from the humans standing in front of the enclosures. Other hilarous scenes include a couple of monkeys trying to snatch away a sunglass of a visitor, some bananas, a cap, while a chimp takes away the t-shirt of a man through the bars.        

Goats pushing children standing alone or with parents make the situation funny. A woman and a child closely admiring a Llama get spit at which teaches future visitors never to go near one. Not only people but even animals also get caught in a difficult position. A large monitor gets harrassed as a white mouse walks on top of it without coming within its reach.  The video does not record what happens in the end but it does show that size matters.  

YouTube Channel Courtesy –  Tiger Productions

Cute dogs waking up owners – kids videos

This funny video is a compilation of how animals wake up their owners in the morning. Some are successful while others try really hard without success. Most of the dogs follow a pattern by trying to get the person out of the blanket and then pushing the legs off the bed. The canines employ ingenious methods to push the blankets  out of place by wriggling under the head or often dragging the cover off with their mouth. The first one in the video, an alsatian, successfully makes the owner sit up on the bed. The others manage to make the people toss and turn but not get out of the bed. A particularly funny canine chases a green beam shot on the blanket and hops and jumps a lot on the owner in an attempt to catch it.

The more gentler ones merely paw on the blankets trying to wake their masters softly. A couple of them also lick the face and ears of their already awake owners and play with them joyously. The video can make you go all Awww! as the four-legged friends cuddle their masters and make them feel loved and adored.

YouTube Channel Courtesy – Tiger Productions

Cute Toddler videos with Cats and Dogs

The funny video mashup of the interactions between toddlers and pets can make you go all teary-eyed. It shows excellent snippets of how pets can be the best friends of infants and keep them engaged happily. The video begins with a few months old baby being fondled by a big golden retriever dog on the bed surrounded by toys and stuffed animals. The video continues with more babies being licked and loved by different cats and dogs under the watchful eyes of their parents. The children seem extremely comfortable with the animals with some of them sleeping peacefully with the pets on their beds.

Some of the cats in the video have an affinity for licking the head of the infants who don’t seem to mind. A particular baby sucks on the feeding bottle while another plays with toys as the cats lick their hairs and paste them in place. One toddler at the end of the video gets into a light tussle with the feline in an attempt to get hold of the each other. It ends with the baby lying comfortably on his belly and the cat licking his head happily. Next time don’t worry if the baby sitter does not turn up, your pet can keep the baby engaged.

Video Channel courtesy –   MashupZone

Funny Baby Videos: Top 10 Funny Baby Videos

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This funny video captures various reactions of babies that can make you go all-mushy. The first baby, featured in this video, goes mildly curious, frightened, teary and smiley in quick successions- when the mother meowed, barked, quacked and made some seriously scary noises to him.

You will definitely want to laugh and hug him at the same time. Then come two infants in hospital’s neo-natal care. The first one manages to keep calm and sleepy while the second one constantly fidgets to nibble on his cheek, suck it out and crying in-between. What happens when a baby stares on the camera, ignoring all the coochie-cooing from the father? The dad makes some bwahaha noise and then baby wails!

The gummy laughter of a baby is the mood uplifted for all. But the cute quotient becomes double when the baby does it in small bursts and without taking a pause! The pretty floral suit of the kid adds another pretty sight in this video. The last part of the video shows you why your pet dog is your baby’s best friend. Here, the baby boy breaks into laughter every time his four legged friend gobbles up a soap bubble. Watch it to try it at home.

Drunk Police Officer Prank – Amazing Prank on street


For your laugh, the prank in this video is clubbed with police officers. At the start of the video a traffic control police officer is shown with a machine which tests the alcohol level in the breath of the drivers. With him is another police officer who is pretending to be completely drunk. The prank starts with the first police officer who stops the car and tells the person driving the car to go through the alcohol test. As the person breathes in, the police officer checks the result and taps the machine repeatedly as if it is not working. The people got puzzled with this and then he calls his partner police officer who comes out of the car with the alcohol bottle in his hand and appeared to be completely drunk.

This shocked the people, who were thinking that an alcoholic person is now going to inspect whether they are drunk driving or not. The drunken police officer breathes in the alcohol testing machine and result was again the same. The other police officer, then take a sip of the beer and tests the machine himself.

They then keep drinking and testing the machine, leaving the people in shock who were quite bemused with the behaviour of the police officers. The officers then show the camera to the people, leaving them in laughing fits.

Alcoholic Barman Best Prank

The video shows the Barman and a girl, working together in a team to play prank on people coming in their café. At the start of the video, it shown that the girl is reading some paper or map and asks something about it to the barman and her drink was lying on the table. At the counter, the barman pretended to show her the direction manages to make her head turn and in the fraction of seconds drank away her drink.

The duo then decides to play the same prank on the strangers who come to the café. When a person comes and orders the drink, the girl come from outside, holding the paper, pretending that she has lost her way. While she manages to take away the attention of the person from their drink so that they can guide her, the barman, gulps down their drink within fraction of seconds.

The guest, then turns around, shocked to see that their glass is empty and when they look at the barman, they see that his mouth is full of their drink. The barman then regurgitates their drink in their glass when being caught empty handed. The duo then explains the prank to their guests to make them laugh

YouTube Channel Courtesy – Just For Laughs Gags

Apple iPhone 6S – Worlds Smartest phone burnout test

Everyday new phones are being launched, with each phone claiming to be smarter than its predecessor. In the world of competition, phone companies are launching the smartest phones to attract the customers. From LCD screens, to cameras, android functioning etc. you can carry the world in pocket with your Smartphone. Before buying a phone, a customer always look out for the reviews available for the desired phone and You tube is the right place to check the review with the videos supporting the claims for the phones.

However, these days, the destructive testing of smart phones is becoming famous with the reviewer testing the physical durability of the phone with the wildest possible methods that you can probably think of. Here, the reviewer is performing the destructive burnout test on iPhone 6S. The famous sport bike Ducati 916 is used to perform the screen burnout test for the phone. The enthusiasm of the reviewer can be determined from the perfect fitting jig that he custom made for the iPhone 6S on the burnout platform. After the burnout is being performed on the phone, it can be seen that the Retina HD display keeps working, though the phone suffered permanent damage where it cam in contact with the tyre of the sport bike. The phone responded normally to all the inputs, with the apps working properly as swiftly as it would have been without the burnout test.

Radha Song | Alia Bhatt | Sidharth Malhotra | Varun Dhawan

Karan Johar movie “Student of the Year” was the most awaited movie for the year 2012. For the firsttime, Karan Johar was working with three debutants actors – Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan in the lead roles. The movie also stars Rishi Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Sana Saeed, Ram Kapoor and Farida Jalal as the supporting actors. When the name Karan Johar is associated with  the movie, the movie has to be grand with all the bling attached to it.

The song “Radha on the dance floor” from the movie “Student of the Year” is a beautifully filmed the song where in all the three newcomers have shown good performance in dance as well as in acting.

The song has voice of four famous singers Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, Udit Narayan and Shekhar Ravjiani. Vishal – Shekhar has composed this melodious song which shows the three-sided love the story between the three actors. In the song, Alia Bhatt is seen teasing her boyfriend, the role played by Varun Dhawan while faking a romance with Siddharth Malhotra, who, on the other hand, is in love with Alia Bhatt. The movie progresses with the friendship of three and how they face the competition in their college which will test them in every physical and emotional aspect.

Youtube Channel courtesy – SonyMusicIndiaVEVO