Jackie Chan’s best fight scenes ever (HD 1080p)

Jackie Chan is undoubtedly a master of action, thrills, and fight sequences. This video compilation dedicate to his genius is a must-watch for all fans. It re establishes faith in speed and practice which makes these fights so much fun to watch. Jackie fights with the simplest things imaginable like an umbrella, brooms, or wooden packing boxes.

Quick thinking and sure shot moves are the essence of the fight scenes. Every move reflects his presence of mind and perfect timing. If the fight is taking place in a market place even the smallest lemon becomes a weapon in his hands and their choice keeps the enemies startled while Jackie makes his fast moves. The video begins with a remarkable shot of the hero wearing roller skates on his arms, legs and back with which he navigates the roads, slides under a truck, and fights the bad guys with equal ease. The shot where he zooms through the tunnel wearing his gear is simply awe inspiring.  Using benches and desks for fighting seems like a new way of handling furniture. His escape from the maze at the end of the video clip on a parachute is a clever one

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