Tim Knoll – Parkour BMX Most Creative Bike Stunts

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If you have a thing for cool bikes, stunt riding, bike stunts, and/or motorcycle stunts, this video is a must watch for you. Here you can enjoy Parkour BMX most innovative bike stunts by Tim Knoll.

Tim Knoll performs entertaining yet dangerous stunt rides and trick rides. For his stunts he uses sport bicycles (off-road), that is, BMX (bicycle motocross) bikes. He is among the top internationally recognized stunt riders at present. This thirty year old directs and produces his (very) own videos and manages to get millions of likes and views on the same. He was into gymnastics in his childhood days; this must have made his body super flexible for the tricks and stunts he performs today.

In this video you will see how in the streets of his own city Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) Tim Knoll effortlessly carries out the bike tricks. He swings around poles of different sizes with his bike. His incredible somersaults over the (respective) hoods of vehicles (like cars) will leave you awestruck. Stairways, on roads, in water, in the car parking area, etc; one can see him performing stunts almost everywhere. And normally such tricks are not seen everyday in sport channels.So enjoy the video and do not try this at home.

Tim Knoll

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