The World of Cartoon Finds the Elixir of Life?

  1. Khal Drogo, Scar from Lion King?

Arched eyebrows, sinister look on the face, extremely handsome a face structure and of course mane that can put any shampoo model to shame, no, this description is not simply for Khal Drogo of the Game of Thrones fame, but can perfectly fit Scar’s character from Lion King. A little more about the scar? The cruel uncle, who would push tiny Simba’s father off the cliff and let him die, to win over the kingdom? Although, there is something which is morally incorrect about Simba, and well, Khal is Khal, but who are the normal human beings with a very modest desire to bring out a comparison between the two of the greatest legends/villains/ people with a very bad end?


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