The World of Cartoon Finds the Elixir of Life?

  1. Toothless, in a cat?

If How to Train Your Dragon is not something that one sets up their life goals about, then the world is unsure as to what will. A very, modest, yet a rebel of a man who is in search for his true meaning of the life he has been blessed with, living among the Vikings and having the chief as a father, stumbles upon a dragon, who are their main enemy as they ravage their town and preys on their cattle and livestock, and makes a legend out of himself. What unfolds will be set in history, but in case life’s meaning is not one desirer of, they can at least find their toothless in their black cats. Just make them sit in a particular way if they abide by and the world will see the glimpse of a little, faster than the speed of light like dragon’s image on them.


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