The World of Cartoon Finds the Elixir of Life?

  1. Johnny Bravo and the gym?

Although it would be a grueling task to go out in search for Johnny Bravo look alike, unless this is the Halloweens or someone just has lost their normal sense of thinking and wants to have a hair style like Johnny Bravo, but his personality has several clones. A buffed man, so in love with himself, that he refuses to let go of his reflection and is simply awed by the fact that there are beautiful women, who wouldn’t even pay a proper glance towards him. Uncanny much? We all know about one such person and we have all had painted an image of an egoist little something, while we are speaking with them, but the easiest thing to do, is to replace their image with that of Johnny Bravo and the whole ordeal will be taken care of, without much hassle or any bad memory to bank on.


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