Top 10 Unexpected Movie Deaths – Full HD Video

Death scenes in movies are of particular importance but then some are as unpredictable as ever. Some scenes are of accidental deaths while others rank among the Top 10 Unexpected Accidental Movie Deaths because the audience did not feel that these characters need to die at all. The video description here is a clever compilation of such unexpected endings of life. The first death scene in the compilation from the movie Inglorious Basterds is a classic example of an unexpected death. Then again no one thought the fat computer expert from Jurassic Park was to be killed by a dinosaur while delivering the can. Carolyn Frye in Pitch Black was almost saved by the movie’s hero when she was dragged away by the bird.

Many times characters are also killed when they go to check out what’s wrong with everyone and that is exactly how Dick Halloran gets killed in The Shinning. Each person in black death movie gets killed in a pretty gruesome manner which can be very disturbing. The sudden deaths by gunshot in Burn after reading and the run over in Meet Joe Black are as gruesome as they are unexpected. The faces of death movie like Psycho and The Departed can give you’re the creeps because the deaths and the spatter of blood take the viewer by surprise. But the killings by the sharks in Deep Blue Sea take the cake and make it the best after death movie.   

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