Top 30 Insane Bicycle Kick Goals – Acrobatic Goals HD

The video compilation picks the top 30 remarkable goals scored in several football matches by bicycle kicks. Scoring a goal with a proper bicycle kick is really difficult that’s why this compilation is an amazing one and a must-watch for all football fans. Among the top 30 goals, the first is scored by Rooney with an extraordinary effort. If you are a fan of Hugo Sanchez, you don’t have to wait long for him as the second goal in the soccer video is by him. The 20th goal in the video which was scored by Pablo seems to have been disallowed. Zlatan Ibrahimovic also showed his exclusive performance by scoring a goal through a bicycle kick in this video.

While viewing the full video, if you look closely, you may find one goal as volley instead of a bicycle kick. The 24th goal again is a scissor kick instead of a bicycle one.  

These outstanding kicks can change the football scores drastically at any point during the match. Being a football lover, if you are still thinking how to watch football online then it’s the right time to tune in to this YouTube link and enjoy the best goals. WeSpeakFootball is one of the leading football websites providing current updates about different football matches and captures exclusive moments which took place in the different earlier matches. You may also watch live soccer by viewing this website as they offer this facility on their website too. Watching such exclusive moments will surely be interesting for everyone

YouTube Channel courtesy – WeSpeakFootball

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